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Keeping little one busy with busy bags (Part 2)

Have you read Part 1 of the busy bag blog post? If you have not, you may want to refer back to our previous blog post “Keeping little one busy with busy bags (Part 1)” to understand more about busy bag. So what other busy bags can we make to keep our little ones busy?

  1. I-Spy
    Have you heard of I-Spy game or activity? Over here, we have I-Spy bottles for the kid to play with. I-Spy game is a family friendly game that is usually played by children. It actually can be enjoyed by anyone! We can have 1 player or multiple players to play this game. It can be played with or without tools or equipment.Over here, we are playing it with rice bottles and the child can play it on his/her own. The only thing you have to take note of is that make sure your child doesn’t place any of the items in his/her mouth. Items/Objects are hidden in the bottle and a child will be given a note on what are the items/objects that can be found in it. The child will have to find those items/objects hidden within.

    We have the rice bottles in different colours. On top of training their observance skill, they are also learning about colours.

    Mei mei over here prefers to play it in a sensory way. She prefers touch and feel and so she opened up the bottles 1 at a time, pour it into a bowl and search from the bowl instead.

    She loves the sense of touch. Digging and pulling out the items found.

2. Memory Game
Next we had a quick memory game. Both of us have a board with 9 squares. I placed some pictures on my board and showed it to her for 5 seconds. All she need to do is to stare and remember the pictures that I have placed on my board and its positions, then she will searched for the same pictures and placed it on the same position as I have previously shown.

We had fun playing with the busy bags! If you want more ideas about busy bags, do stay tuned to our blog 🙂


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