Kids love to bake!

What do we do when we are not studying, writing, playing, reading…we BAKE! My kids just love baking! Doesn’t matter it is cake or cookies, they just can’t get enough of baking. Of course, that can only be done when the mummy, ME, is free to be assistant. Whenever I give them the green light to bake, they just drop whatever they do and dash straight into the kitchen.

Today, we were supposed to bake chewy chocolate chip cookies from , but realised that we have ran out of all purpose flour and baking soda. So we ended up making the cookies with Top flour without baking soda. While I was busy measuring the flour, my toddler baker threw in the whole stick of butter  and my preschool baker cracked 2 eggs instead of 1 into the blender. Ahhh well… what’s done cannot be undone… we’ll just have to see how it goes…

Here are my 2 bakers working hard…
baker1 baker2

Once everything has mixed well, is time to drop the cookie dough onto the baking pan. You can see how focus they are at this…
IMG_6732-2 IMG_6734-1

Now is time to bake the cookies!

Amazingly, the cookies taste real good!!! Although is not the chewy cookies that we wanted, these cookies just melt in the mouth! My 2 little bakers can’t stop eating it. I have to stop them before they get too heaty….

Do not give up when you have taken the wrong steps in the first place. You never know how things will turn out 😉

Have a good week ahead!

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