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Kitty time @ Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

If you are heading to The Little Big Club, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss  Sanrio Hello Kitty Town unless you are a kitty “hater”. Sanrio Kitty Town is located in the same building as The Little Big Club. After smarties enjoyed themselves at the club, we headed to the kitty town. Mei mei couldn’t wait to say hello to Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. We were pretty glad it wasn’t crowded, therefore we could enjoy ourselves better. The first stop we went was to make cookies!

While waiting for our turn, mei mei found a display with all the pretty mani and pedi equipments, and her strong lady in her couldn’t resist it.

Guess what? She’s negotiating with daddy to get her something. So did she get it? Of course….not 🙂

But she got a chance to make Hello Kitty cookies. Smarties were fully focusing on making their kitty cookies while we stood by their sides watching.

Mei mei could’t help but to pinch a few chocolate chips and put it into her mouth.

Finally, they were done and gor gor made a super thick eye brow for his kitty cookie. He said this kitty is a male version, therefore, required thicker brows. Gosh! The brows were so thick, I couldn’t even see the eyes. I wonder if the kitty is able to see.

Mei mei, of course, tried to make her kitty as pretty as it can be.

The next activity after the kitty cookie decoration, they headed for the scratch art. They did it halfway and packed it into their bags. They didn’t want to waste time scratching it there and preferred to explore the rest of the activities.

Mei mei headed straight to Kitty’s house and we followed suit. She was so mesmerized by the house that she asked if she could have a room like that too. Well, little lady, once you earn your big bucks you can decorate your room whichever way you want. Hehe…

Next to the kitty’s house is the playground but mei mei hated it as it produced super loud shooting sound coming out from the shooting machine.

Instead, she headed to the cafe opposite for some light snacks while gor gor and daddy continued having fun at the playground. Look at the pretty little snacks! I couldn’t bear to eat it.

Last but not least, we went to the Hello Kitty in Oz. It has a very interesting concept of holding a kitty toy for each visitor and exploring the area with different tasks to complete at different stations. The kitty toy has to be tapped to activate each task and to record your results. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Oz was so nicely set up that I couldn’t resist taking pictures everywhere.

We really enjoyed ourselves at the Oz as we got to execute and complete all the tasks as a family. Best of all, we got a prize each for completing the tasks. Mei mei was shrieking with joy! What about gor gor? He enjoyed himself too even though Hello Kitty Town seems to be more for girls than boys. So now you know. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is a fun and relaxing place for the family including boys. Another place to check out this holiday 🙂

Latest update: Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is close permanently.

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