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KiwiCo Tinker Crate – unbox and review

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I’m always looking out for fun learning activities for smarties. Things or activities that really keep them engaged and learning at the same time. Is not easy because kids attention span is really short.

Very often, we will source and research for bits and pieces of materials on our own and then try to figure out how to fix them together. We love it because it encourages smarties to think and solve a problem at a time creatively.

All this while, I’ve been eyeing the subscriptions boxes from KiwiCo for quite some time and finally took the plunge to give it a try. Did my research and decided to get a Tinker Crate for smarties to try out. Instead of boxes, they named it as crates and they have different crates catered for different ages.

As smarties love to tinker with stuff, hence I decided to get that crate as a surprise for them. Yes, they didn’t know that I am getting this “toy” for them. When they received the crate, smarties were really excited and couldn’t wait to get started. The tinker crate for the month is Spin Art!

Some parents asked me how do I handle kids of different age to work on the same thing?
My answer is to let them figure out which role they want to take while working on their “mini-project”.

When electronics stuff are involved, mei mei will starts frowning. So instead of tinkering with the crate, she preferred to help her brother to read the instruction manual. There were words that she hasn’t encountered before and have to request for help from her brother.

What do you see here?

The crates come with all the bits and pieces required and they are all nicely packed within the crate. Smarties laid them out to make sure all parts were there. Yes, they do check what they get.
KiwiCo Tinker Crate Contents

They were very focused on getting the “mini-project” completed with perfection. Gor gor was busy fixing everything up together. There were some difficulties along the way while sticking certain parts together but they managed to solve it without any conflicts. Great job, kids!

I have a great team here as they managed to complete the spin art machine without any assistance required from an adult because it comes with a very detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up the spin art machine.
KiwiCo Instructions Guide

Once completed, smarties couldn’t wait to create their first spin art on their DIY spin art machine!
Completed Work

So now you may ask is it really that awesome? I’ll say YES because:
– you save your time from doing researching and sourcing of parts for tinkering
– it provides detailed instructions
– the products are of good quality
– it provides opportunities to think, build and learn
– it provides additional experiments and activities within the crate
– keep your children off the screen

Head over to their website if you are interested in getting a Tinker Crate too!

Searching for crates for other ages? You may check out their website for more information here:

Check out the video on how they worked as a team to complete this project to their first creative DIY art work!

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