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Last week we went to a playground for some sun and fun. On our way home, we found some big, brown but nice autumn look-alike leaves on the ground. We picked some back home as I have some art work plans for them using the beautiful leaves.

Today, we took out the leaves and craft materials, having the plan to do leave stamping with the kids.

But my little decision makers rejected my idea and suggested to do it in another way. They pasted their leaves on the drawing paper, used the comb and toothbrush, and started spraying water colours on the paper.
IMG_8924-1  IMG_8922-1

They have been “spraying” the colours for quite some time but they can’t get it all over the page. Instead, the colours were all over the table! I quickly spread the newspaper around the area to prevent further damage done. The next moment, they started using the toothbrush to brush the colours on the paper around the leave.
IMG_8940-1  IMG_8938-1

Want to check out their final product? Taaa-daaah! What does it look like? I don’t see any picture or drawing of the leaves though but for my preschooler, at least I do see the shape of the leaf there. As for my little one…. more of an abstract art to me.  I asked them what is the drawing about and they replied me: “This is art! Don’t have to be anything!” Great answer, huh!
IMG_8953-1  IMG_8955-1

The art lesson really open up their imagination. Before I know it, they started their ride in their imaginative space shuttle heading to space. Alright, I have to go join them on a journey to the space too! See ya!

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