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LED Christmas Card Making Workshop

Smarties always love making gifts for their friends. Last week, we grabbed the chance to attend a LED Christmas card making workshop by Just Fly It. They couldn’t wait to make something interesting for their friends.

The class started with some introduction to the workshop and an explanation of the materials to be used by Captain Joyce. Not only were they learning something new, I as a parent, am learning something new too! We learned a new word that day and it was the word “Chibitronics”, what a cute name.

Here are the materials used for the workshop. It was great to know that the workshop allows the flexibility of a child to either just do colouring or to draw their own picture for the card with blank papers provided.
Materials used

Smarties preferred to colour and further decorate the pictures given because their focus was on the lighting up of the card instead of the pictures. Mei mei couldn’t stop herself from stamping loads of cute little smileys on her card. You guess it right. She loves stamping. Check out the smile on her face when gor gor brought out the smiley faces and the stamp pad from the packaging.
Smarties start decorating

Once the colouring was done, Captain Joyce walked around to teach them on how to start making the LED light up on their cards. Gor gor was on full focus when Captain Joyce was explaining and demonstrating to him on how to do it.
Captain teaching smarty

Once he had completed his own card, he was tasked to teach his little sister and his mommy to make it. I always love classes where the students teach other students what they just learned as peer teaching always improve learning. He got stuck alittle but managed to solve his own problem by himself by slowly figuring out.
Gor gor teaching mei mei

Mei mei was worried her card won’t light up as she broke the circuit while trying to twist and turned it. She almost broke into tears when her brother (the white knight or is it dark knight?) came to her rescue by fixing the broken parts. Look at her super upset face.
Gor for helping mei mei

Finally, gor gor managed to help her fix it and her card lighted up so did her face!
Mei mei and her card Gor gor and his card

By the way, mommy here wasn’t lazy and just taking pictures. I did my own Christmas card too and had smarties helping me with the light up as well! Check out my self-drawn card. Well, my purpose was to up their challenge on how to fix the LED light for my card since the position is different compared to their Christmas tree. Surprisinly, smarties managed to think out of the box and created a different circuit for my card. My little reindeer’s nose lighted up! Mei mei loves my reindeer so much that she requested I give her my card as her Christmas gift. Of course, my dear girl.
Smarties and mommy creation

After the workshop, I did a check on smarties and they all replied they had fun making the cards for their friends and couldn’t wait to show it to them. Really appreciate Just Fly It for creating such fun STEAM lesson for the kids where there is no restriction on letting our creative juices flow.

They have another session of LED Christmas Card workshop coming up on the 20th Dec 2017. If you are keen to let your child explore Science and Technology while making Christmas card, do hop over to their holiday program website at Just Fly It Holiday Programme for more details.

For all our readers, when you sign up don’t forget to quote “YE17FOLLOWER” to enjoy the discount. Have fun learning!



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