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Let’s fly kite @ Singapore Kite Day 2016

We didn’t know that there is an annual kite flying festival event organised by national water agency, PUB and the Singapore Kite Association, and this year is the 7th year running. I received an email about the event and decided to bring smarties out for some outdoor fun. Yes, we are staying indoor too much. Is time for some outdoor fun! Smarties were excited and packed their own kites before we woot off to Marina Barrage.

The place wasn’t crowded when we reached and smarties spotted a group of Water Wally. They ran to it and requested for a photo to be taken. Each Wally has a different action and smarties went around the display to check out each different pose of each Wally.

Walking further, we found some nice and colourful windmills… I guess there were windmills because it looked like it but not all. Smarties were spinning it manually when they spotted something else…

Guess what? They spotted their “best friend” – the bouncy castles! They ran for it and headed straight to the bouncy slide. We were lucky enough that there wasn’t any crowd. So, for a short moment, they had the whole bouncy slide to themselves. There was another mini bouncy castle right beside it but it wasn’t as exciting as the slide, hence they didn’t stay long there.

Frankly speaking, we didn’t expect there would be kids activities here. We thought it was just kite flying activities and nothing else. Smarties were so excited to be able to freely run around playing different kinds of stuff. There was a huge dart board…

and horsey rides too!

Finally, I managed to pull them away and headed to the kite flying area as the sky started to get really dark. Remember, our purpose of coming here was to join kite flying session?

Gor gor managed to grab a nice picture with the kites behind him when they announced that kite performances will be starting soon. We quickly found ourselves a spot to catch it.

We settled down and waited for the performances to start.

Can you see the 4 kites up there with the same structure and designs except the colours? They can actually “danced” according to the music.

The performances were really fabulous and we were all awed by it. We didn’t know that kites can “dance” till today. After that, we decided to head home instead of flying our own kites as it started to drizzle. We managed to play a game on the spinning wheel and got some goodies home.

As for myself, I have gotten this…


We didn’t really really expect much from this trip except for flying the kite, and it actually turned out to be so enjoyable especially for the kids. Although they got slightly disappointed not being able to fly their own kites, they got to run around and bounced, bounced, bounced in the bouncy castle. Best of all, we got to learn that kites can “dance”.

We shall keep a lookout for this event again next year. Hopefully, we get to fly our kites together with the experts and make our kites “dance” too! Oh, not forgetting to have a little picnic with a nice weather there as well 😉

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  1. FUN! You take your kids to the coolest events!

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