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Let’s get to know insects!

It’s been 2 weeks since I have last updated. What have you been up to? As for us, we have been learning about insects! Remember we did a lapbook previously on insects? If you have not read about our fun lap booking session, you may take a look here -> “Lapbook about insects“.  You may say it is easy to get to know about insects, but after trying to do some research on it and making out the worksheets for my kids, I realised is not easy at all! You can identify insects with 6 legs, having a pair of wings etc but when searching for pictures of the insects, we can’t really tell if they really have 6 legs and other characteristics. Nevertheless, we try our best! Let’s see what we did on learning about insects.

To begin with, I have made some flashcards to introduce to my children about insects. I’ve always use flashcards as introduction as I find it very useful for them. Next, we learn about the word “Insects”. The word insect starts with a letter I/i. My little toddler is trying to identify the correct insect with the correct letter and matched it on the letter matching mat.
letter matching

We have cutting worksheet for my preschooler to practice on his cutting skill, while the little one works on her prewriting skill.
cutting skillprewriting skill

Over here, you can see that she’s working on her colour recognition and shadow matching.

As for my preschooler, he will works on counting and identifying objects in the picture given and answers the questions. He loves this activity a lot! Instead of writing the correct number as the answer, he needs to draw out the correct number of objects. Something different, don’t you think?

I love it when they study together as both of them can learn from each other, although mainly the younger one will learn from the elder one. Sometimes my preschooler will teach his little sister about what he learns by pretending to be a teacher. Is great to see him having the confidence to guide his little sister along. While working on the activities, I get to see them working in harmony.  It’s a really sweet moment.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you enjoy our learning journey. Have a great week ahead!

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