Let's start now with NOUNS!

Any of you realised that noun is actually a HUGE tree? Yes, HUGE! What do I mean by that…take a look at this mind map! (Forgot where I got this from…oops!) Would love to credit the person who created such a beautiful mind map for an overview of what NOUN is about.

Do you see there are so many branches coming out of “NOUN”? How to teach when there are so many branches? I’ll just do it step by step, branch by branch. Which branch to go first? I’ll go for the NAMES.

I’ve created a simple set of worksheets to teach about NAMES of NOUN. My boy got really excited when he saw the folder. Before I opened up the folder, I started asking him what is noun and explained to him that nouns are actually naming words. I got him to look around the house and identify the nouns around us. He’s able to do it without much problem. Then we moved on to the folder. He read through the pages (only 2 pages…no stress!) with pictures and sentences and he got better picture of what noun is.

The only difficult part for him is introducing ideas as nouns. Idea is an abstract noun. They are words that name things that are not concrete. People, places, things, animals can be seen, touched, heard, tasted or smelled. But for ideas, you can’t see it, touch it, hear it, taste it or smell it. The difficult part for me is I can’t really find pictures to illustrate on ideas, so mainly word cards were used instead. I drew a simple mind map for him to have an overview of what we are learning and we started playing little games to make him understand better.

Next, we have a sorting game of just words without pictures. Some words he got a little confused but with a little help he was able to complete the task without much difficultly and it really got him thinking too.

We moved on to worksheets where he has to identify the noun in a sentence. No writing yet. All he has to do is just colouring the right word.

Now we have a little writing exercise where he has to sort out all the words according to the right categories.

Finally, a little more reading and searching for words in not 1 but 2 sentences.

At the end of the “lesson”, we had a little summary on what we learnt. Before bedtime, we had a little game of noun word search where we find the nouns in the bedroom and making sentences with it. We had fun making silly sentences with the words!

We have digitised the worksheets and is available in our store. If you are interested, do get a copy at our website: www.lupwaiparentwhisperer.com
learning nouns

Have fun learning!

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