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Let’s tinker and create @ The Big Draw

Does your child love to create?
Does he/she love to explore?

Look no further and check out Playeum, the Children’s Centre for Creativity. Playeum is an independent registered charity that support and encourage children’s learning through play & creativity. 

Last Sunday, we went for their event known as The Big Draw. The theme for the event is STEAM. In case you do not know what STEAM is about: it represents Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. STEAM is the latest educational trend and  it encourages kids to bridge subjects and problem solving, not forgetting creativity as well and that’s where the Art comes in.

The moment we stepped into into, we were greeted by their friendly and smiley staffs. Smarties couldn’t wait to soak themselves into the STEAM mood. There were many installations in the hall.

Installation 1: Soundweb
A dark room where there was sounds made by the natural habitat creatures. This is where imagination plays a part. Smarties imagined themselves in a dark dark forest with owls and insects singing to each other.

Installation 2: Creature Cave
A cave made out of cardboard. How cool is that? It’s the creation by Bartholomew Ting and there was even cave sounds as well by Richard Kearns.

Installation 3: Knock Knock! Identification Table
Smarties loved this! They love exploring the insects that were being displayed on the table with the use of the magnifying glass. They were asking loads of questions and luckily my saviour was there to help to answer them.

After the exploration, smarties got down to draw and write a letter to the insects that they like and post it to them!

Installation 4: Wind Chimes
Children got to listen to the sound made from swaying and knocking on the wind chimes. They have to be gentle, of course.

Installation 5: Make a bee’s nest
This installation provides materials for children to make a bee’s nest for the bees. As there were several recycled materials available, children started becoming more creative and started making not only bee’s nest but also other creative artworks as well.

Instead of bee’s nest, smarties made something else. There’s no restriction on what you do and how much materials you use because creativity and imagination are LIMITLESS!

Installation 5: Make-believe hideaway
Smarties had a good time here with the pottery clay. They got to poke it, squeeze it, hit it and so on with either using their bare hands or tools provided on the table. We love pottery clay as it generates curiosity, imagination, and creativity. It is good for their motor skills too!

On top of that, they learnt to share the tools with other children as well.

Once they were done. They got to display their creation together with everyone else who did it.

Installation 6: Power Up Gillman with Imagin8ors
This is where technology meets with creativity! Smarties ran straight to their table full of “tools” and started tinkering. Their serious face when they were seriously “working”.

Once you are done with your creation, you can add them on to their “3D map”! Check out the cool stuff that others have created.

Installation 7: Spin art
This is a great experience for kids where they put art into action without knowing how it turned out! It’s good for learning about colours too!

Installation 8: The amazing shape trail
The real outdoor adventure began when we headed out in search of different shapes we can find at the specified spots stated in the booklet given to us. A quick explanation and off we went!

The adventure clashed with our lunch time and smarties did not relax a tad bit. They were still drawing and searching for shapes even at the dining area.

Finally completed our trail and, boy, were we tired after all the activities. Smarties were extremely satisfied with the results of their shapes hunt and gotten a badge as a reward!

Do not panic if you have missed out this event. They do have other programmes at their centre. Do check out their website and join their mailing list if you do not want to miss out their next event.

Playeum’s opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm
You may walk in anytime during their opening hours!

47 Malan Rd, Gillman Barracks, 109444

* Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and they do not represent those of people or anyone else. No monetary benefit / compensation is involved. All photos belonged to Young Smarties. If you require using any of the photos, do write in to us for permission. Thank you!

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