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Learning Letter Aa

Letter Aa revision

Oh yea, we are returning to Aa for review. Knowing ABCs before doesn’t mean that they will know it forever. We still need to repeat to them again and again so that they really do remember what they have learnt previously. In other words, repeated experience helps children against forgetting. Even for adults, when we learn any new skill, from playing the piano to playing badminton, it requires repeated practice. To your child, every new skill he/she learns; repetition is the way of remembering how to perform it or use it the next time.

We started with tracing with fingers on the big letter Aa mat with “ants” crawling with her eyes closed claiming that she could feel where the ants were crawling….hmmm….

Of course, she could use her creativity to play with this anyway she wants. She took a bottle of buttons and started decorating the letter Aa.

Since she took out the bottle of buttons, she has been using it for all the rest of the activities. Look at what she did!
Letter Aa hunt with buttons



Counting apples and later buttons filled “apple” tree!

We had a little reader for us to read together and for her to “affix” the story book with the correct picture for the particular page.

We had done reading, counting, decorating, tracing, etc…what else do we do next? Well, its motor skill time with the scissor. I had printed out some pictures not only starting with letter Aa but also pictures that start with other letters too. Now is for her to find out which picture is suppose to go on the huge letter Aa mat.
cutandpaste1 cutandpaste2

Last but not least, word recognition. We had great fun playing with pictures and words matching, and story telling too!

So, are you able to identify what are the learning opportunities involved here? Here’s the list, the activities allowed your child to:
– recognise letter Aa
– train his/her hand-eye coordination and control
– increase his/her creativity and imagination
– concentration
– problem solving
– train his/her fine motor skills
– train his/her phonemic awareness

Hope you had a great time learning with us too!

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