Little scientists at work with Lab-in-a-Bag! (Part I)

My kids love science. They love exploring science experiments together and see how things work. Recently when I was browsing through the Amazon website, I saw a sale was going on for some kids items and discovered this Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Wonders. Looked kind of interesting to me and so I bought it to try out.

The kids started with the Insta Snow experiment. As stated by the manual, we can actually make 2 cups of Insta Snow with the right amount of water. Following the instructions, I divided the Insta Snow into 2 portions for my kids so that each of them get to pour water over the powder and witnessed the powder turning into snow.

The kids started pouring water slowly over the powder and it instantly puffed! It turned into snow-like substance and it felt soft and silky.

Look at this closely. Doesn’t it looked like real snow?

It was pretty fun and the kids enjoyed playing with it. They even brought out their kitchen play sets and pretended cooking with the snow too! This Insta-Snow actually kept them occupied for almost 2 solid hours! Good for me as I can take this chance to catch up my… not movies/dramas but HOUSEWORK!!!
IMG_9290-1 IMG_9288-1

In total, there are 5 experiments. Now that we have tried 1, we can’t wait to do the rest of the experiments along with the numerous other ways they suggested using the test tubes. It’s really great that the Insta-Snow was an enjoyable learning activity as well as a creative/imaginative play activity!

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