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How to make Easter Eggs bath bombs

Gor gor was packing his room and found many Easter eggs that he had collected over the years (sound as if he’s an old man now…haha). Light bulb started shining over his head and he requested for permission to make a little surprise for his little monstrous sister for this long Easter weekend so that she can play with it (or maybe to prevent her from disturbing him from his game…oops!). That little surprise was the making of Easter eggs bath bombs with hidden toys in it!! How cool was that?

While mei mei was staying over at grandma’s house, he quickly got into action. He searched the internet (yes, I allowed him to use the computer) and excitedly gathered all the required materials on the table. Here are the ingredients required:
– 1 cup baking soda (complement to the citric acid)
– 1/2 cup salt (Epsom salt is recommended but we didn’t have it so we replaced it with Himalayan salt)
– 1/2 cup citric acid (for that fizz!)
– mixing bowl (we replaced with an ice-cream container)
– whisk
– 1-2 tsp of olive oil or coconut oil (for skin soothing)
– 1 tsp of water
– few drops of essential oil (your preference, we love lavender)
– few drops of food colouring
– measuring cup
– molds (Easter egg shells here!)
– toys (optional)
– syringes (optional)
YS bath bombs ingredients

Next, he started reading off the instructions and slowly following it step-by-step. He started mixing all the dry ingredients first.
YS mixing dry ingredients

Slowly, he added the wet ingredients bit by bit. Once all have been mixed properly, he placed it in the Easter eggs mold with his selected toys.
YS wet ingredients

Taa daa!! Check out all the Easter eggs bath bombs he had made for himself and his sister. He couldn’t wait to give her the surprise. He made some small ones so that they could play without the use of the bath tub.
YS bath bombs

A great bonding time for the siblings while they were enjoying the “water therapy” together. Mei mei was so happy with the little surprise that her gor gor has prepared for her and guess what? Now she wants to stay at grandma’s house more often so that she is will be able to recieve more surprises from her brother!
YS Siblings

Look at all the mini figurines collected from the bath bombs!
YS mini figurines

Call me crazy but I’m fine with all the mess created by them because these are happy messes! We have a short video to record their moments. Hope you enjoyed our short video of our little Easter Eggs bath bombs.



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