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How to make fluffy ball – 2 ingredients play dough

Chinese New Year is coming and I am slowly working on my spring cleaning. While cleaning up the kitchen, I discovered expired flour and hair conditioner. Throwing away the items just like that seems a bit of waste, therefore I gathered the kids and we searched the internet and read up some books for something to make using the 2 ingredients. In other words, recycle. To our surprised, we managed to find something to make with just the 2 ingredients: fluffy balls!

Smarties couldn’t wait. They read the instructions, watched the video and started gathering the materials. So here are the materials required to make the fluffy ball – 2 ingredient play dough:
– flour
– conditioner
– stirrer (we use ice-cream sticks)
– container

All we need to do is the mix the flour and conditioner together. It is super easy.
Mixing the ingredients

Continuously stir the mixture until it formed a thick blob. Then you may start using your hands to knead it into a soft ball. Smarties had an awesome time with all the good sensory play. Taking dough out to knead

Unfortunately, mei mei’s dough didn’t form very well and got a little upset.
Kneading the play dough

I am not sure what gor gor told her and her mood went up again. Just love the positivity in them! After a few tries, mei mei finally created her first fluffy ball successfully.

Smarties super love this fluffy ball of theirs. It can also be treated as a stress ball as well (I’m not implying they are stressed, ok). The next thing we are trying to do is to add colours. So, let’s see if I can find expired food colouring in my next round of spring cleaning process.

Before you go, check out our quick video on how smarties progress on their little fluffy balls (a.k.a play dough). We will be back right soon for our next little project. Till then do stay tuned!

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  1. I love all your posts and your kids are simply adorable!

    1. YoungSmarties

      Thank you so much, Camie!! They are growing up fast!

  2. That’s what I used to do too, make use of the expired stuffs for sensory play. Miss those times! Nowadays I think we have moved on from such sensory play. Always a pleasure to see others engage in such fun and meaningful playtime!
    Angie Yeow

    1. YoungSmarties

      I guess very soon, we will outgrow this too. I miss those days where they play with busy bags. Life of a mom!
      No matter what, like you mentioned, definitely love fun and meaningful playtime 😉

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