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Meaningful family moments

Every moment together counts, especially during school holidays where there is no rush to go to school, no rush for meals and no rush for homework. We always make sure we make the most of the family time with these great and meaningful ideas.

Over the weekend, we spent the afternoon doing something healthy and meaningful as a family. We took part in the Orange Ribbon Run 2016 – Race Against Racism. The event was organised by who’s the leading advocate for multi-racialism (to promote values of respect, understanding and trust).

Smarties were really excited to be part of it. They were even more excited when they saw  interesting activities at the event. The very first thing they ran to was the bouncy castle (kids will always be kids).

Tired of jumping around? No worries, they have other “calming” activities as well. Smarties went for fan making session…

and later mei mei and I went for the henna hand painting while gor gor and daddy explored other booths. A great chance of mother/daughter and father/son bonding.

Mei mei loving her henna design but she couldn’t wait for it to dry soon. She got a “manual dryer” to assist her in drying it fast and that’s none other than her sweet brother.

There were other booths that catered for all genders and that’s the photo booth. We were told to lift our feet up and guess what? Clumsy daddy went to kick the mannequin beside him. Yep, his foot was way too long and, yep, it freaked out the photographer too! Not forgetting my freaked out face as well…

It was time to join in the run! Along the way, we caught a live Rhyhorn and many more characters…

The run was fun with different characters to catch (not Pokemon) and nice sunset as well…

We were so engrossed with the nice scenery that we forgot about our time. We quickly ran to the finish line before the sky got totally dark.

After the run, we had a quick dinner followed by the Wonder Full light and water show at Marina Bay Sands.

The day flew by so fast before we knew it, it was time to head home. We were all really tired but we enjoyed the quality time spent together. Smarties are always thankful for spending time with them (of course, as parents, we are thankful too).

Building bonds from an early age are important for all us. Don’t assume it can or will always happen. Don’t push it to tomorrow because there’s always a risk it will fall between the cracks. It will be alot better to spend time together doing something that all of you enjoy. Make sure everyone is present, that’s what family bonding is about.





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