Mommy, I wanna make crafts that "fly!"

Boy, my preschooler loves crafts and he just can’t stop working on crafts! Sometimes I have difficulty catching up on what crafts to do with him every single day! At times like this, lazy mummy me will appear and asked him what he wants to do so that I don’t have to crack my brain *evil grin*. This time round, he suggested to make something that is related to the theme that we worked on previously and that is “Transport transport, here we go!“.

My preschooler boy went online (with my permission, of course) to search for the transport related crafts that he wants to work on. Finally he found something he likes: aeroplane and helicopter.  Luckily, I always have art supplies stocked up at home for them to work on anytime. We got ready all the crafts supplies required and they started working on it without a single delay (ahhh…how I wish they can be this prompt when we are pressed for time). The whole house in silence mode when the kids are at work 🙂

Very soon, the art pieces were completed and these are what they did. No guidance and am proud of them. As for my little toddler, her helpful brother assisted her with the cutting and pasting (he opened up the glue bottle for her). *Sweet!* Bet from the pictures, you can tell which belongs to a 5 years old and 2 years old 😉

Here are their aeroplane crafts:
aero1 aero2

Over here are their helicopter crafts:
heli2 heli1

Finally, a craft that my preschooler loves the most: ice cream sticks plane. The little one didn’t make this as she can’t sit still anymore and started roaming around with other toys.
icecream plane

Well, hope you have a great time “flying” with us! Oh and not forgetting to thank the following websites for the craft ideas. You may want to check them out too 🙂

Happy FRIDAY!!

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  1. Ha!ha! this is so darn cute and yes whatever your 2 year old daughter made is very adorable. But I must say that your elder kid is fantastic with craft ( in fact both of them). There is this kind of finesse and maturity in craft that is not seen in kids at this tender age. You are a lucky mommy 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for reading our blog and the compliments 🙂 They super love doing craft works and they look very serious while at “work”. 😉

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