You are currently viewing Museums hopping (Part 2): Masak Masak at the National Museum of Singapore

Museums hopping (Part 2): Masak Masak at the National Museum of Singapore

Oh yes! We are continuing our adventure to the next museum and that would be Masak Masak at the National Museum of Singapore. Let’s all posed for a nice picture before going into the museum.

Once we entered the museum, we found a children-size SNAKES & LADDERS board game. One of our friend’s child was involved in this installation. Really proud of her! The children were all so excited when they saw the board game with cushion safe dice and slides on both sides. They didn’t follow the game’s rules and regulations but created their own one instead.

We went up to the second level of the museum and found more installations and activities for the children. The children headed straight to the Clumsy Dumpty on the wall. It’s an interactive wall where teamwork has to be involved before the pieces slipped out of the holes. It made cute sounds/music when the pieces were all fixed up nicely. This installation caught many children’s attention.

Next, we went for some exercising at the BIKES 4 FUN corner. Over here, they made used of several old bikes and upcycled them into innovative inventions. The children couldn’t get enough of the spinning bike where they cycle and create an art piece out of it.

Guess which art piece belongs to who?

The 2nd most popular bike is the blender bike where you cycle and blend some juice!

The last installation before we headed back to level 1 was the Le Bestiaire. It is a collection of abstract art depicting various animals. Children will get to get a piece of paper and design their own costume out of their own imagination and inspiration.

Back to level 1, smarties wanted to do some colouring and so we went for some colouring activities where I managed to catch some rest too.

Almost time to go home. Before that, let me made sure the smarties were really burnt out before heading home *evil me*!

Alrighty, that’s all for the day with our museums’ adventure! Smarties were really burnt out as they knocked out while on the way home. Time to plan for the next escapade before school reopens. Do stay tuned!

National Museum of Singapore
Saturday, 28 May to Monday 31 July
Daily, 10 am to 6 pm


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