My 5 senses – Sense of Hearing

It was fun learning about our Sense of Sight previously. Today we are working on Sense of Hearing. What is Hearing? I explained to the kids that hearing is accomplished by detecting sound vibrations through the ear. These vibrations are then turned into nerve impulses that flow to the brain, which interprets the signal in order to understand the sound. I showed them this picture but it looks kind of complicated to them. 

We moved on to test out on how our ears can hear the sound physically so that they can understand better. I told them to close their eyes and listen to our surroundings. The kids were really focusing. They kept very still and quiet and listen to our surroundings. Is amazing how extensive their vocabulary is when they started describing to me what they hear and how the sounds make them feel. 

Next, the kids are told to identify what are the items are used for hearing and what are not. Both have a marker each and began to cross out all the items that don’t belong to the sense of hearing. 

We moved on to identification of sound and feeling. Over here, 2 pictures were shown with different expressions on the person and the kids were to identify which sound causes the person to feel that way. They were able to identify the correct answer and also explain to me why: “because the sound is loud, because the sound is musical”. 🙂
IMG_7899-1 IMG_7898-1 

As sense of hearing is related to our ears, not forgetting the animals. We have a list of different animals ears for the kids to match to the correct animals. The kids enjoyed the matching game. 

I have gathered a basket of sound making toys the previous day. For this activity, they were being blindfolded and I will be making the sound. I was impressed that they were able to name out which toy make that particular sound. After this activity, they got to play with the toys and started forming a music band with it. We just kept playing and playing, having a blast as we went along.

Is interesting how these activities increase the kids ability to explore and wonder the simple open ended questions. We had loads of fun learning about using our ears to hear and identify sounds!

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