My 5 senses – Sense of Touch

This week we are on the Sense of Touch! Do you know that the sense of touch is spread through the whole body? Without the sense of touch you would not feel your hand touching the objects when you hold it or feel pain when you are hurt. In order to make the children understand the importance of the sense of touch, we will be doing some “touching / feeling” activities and learning about opposites too!

Before we start, let’s have a show of our hands. On this topic, we will be focusing on using our hands to touch and feel. The kids were excited.

Over here, we are learning about opposites. At the same time, teaching the kids what’s safe to touch and what’s not. Example, it is safe to touch cold objects but not safe to touch hot objects as it may burn your skin. You may touch something round but not something sharp as it may cut your hand.
opp1 IMG_8025-1

Of course, we love to touch something nice, soft and fluffy and not something that is hard, cold and rough. 🙂 The kids had fun circling and finding the objects on how it feels as instructed in the worksheet.

Now is the fun hands on activities! The kids read out the words on the cards and enthusiastically touching and feeling the objects on the pegs. They get to clip the peg on the cards that feel according to how their skin feels.
IMG_8035-1 IMG_8039-1

The kids had fun with the activities and learning the opposites. It’s a great way for them to use their senses and fun to play with!

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