You are currently viewing National Day Parade Preview 2016 @ The Sportshub

National Day Parade Preview 2016 @ The Sportshub

Smarties were really excited when they knew that they got the chance to watch the National Day Parade Preview this year. Thanks to smarties’ aunt for winning the tickets!

This year’s NDP is held at The Sportshub. The place is huge and it’s smarties very first time to be there. We queued patiently to enter. There were security checks and smarties said they felt like they were at the airport. The queue was orderly and process from queueing to getting to our seats was pretty smooth. Many ushers were stationed at all locations to help to guide the audiences to their correct seating area and anyone who is lost.

We got seated and while waiting for the parade to start, we took some wefie. At first, mei mei was happily taking part in it…until…ndp2

she got sick of me and slapped me in the face with the word (check out the pic), I stopped with palm on my face!

The parade finally started and she heaved a huge sigh of relief from taking wefie with me. LOL!!! This is the view from our seats. Smarties couldn’t wait.

As usual, it started with the uniform groups, the associations, and their marching. A very good chance to introduce the different uniform groups and association to the smarties at this time. The participants who marched passed the seats gave those seated at the aisle a big hi-five along the way.

The unusual? No more Red Lions (no chance to watch live parachutists), no more fly-past of the giant national flag. We only got to watch it from the huge TV screen provided. Nonetheless, the vibe was there. Everyone sang and danced along with the music and performances. Smarties were happily singing the song together with the singers as well.

Throughout the event, smarties were watching intently to the performances. They were very fascinated with lights shining from the performers clothing and the mini fireworks coming out from the side of the stage. We could even feel the heat from the stage even though we were not near. Smarties, at one point, were asking if the performers would catch fire. They got a little worried for them.ndp6

With the shelter/roof above our head, how do we watch the real big fireworks? There’s an opening at one of the corners where you get to catch the grand finale fireworks. Not a splendid view but it’s still viewable.

Overall, the experience was awesome! Although missing the usual parachutists, fly-past and no full view of the fireworks. The Sportshub does provide the shelter from scorching hot sun and/or the rain. Volunteers and participants/performers did a great job on creating the vibe during the event. A job superbly well done!

Last but not least, the goodie bags, come in red and white, were filled with memorable goodies for us to bring home and keep as mementos. Light snacks and water were also provided in the bag if you get hungry or thirsty during the event. Really well thought indeed.

We enjoyed ourselves throughout the show, especially smarties. The whole event, from start till the end, had provided a valuable lesson to them. We’ll be working on a lapbook to capture what we have learnt during this event. Do stay tuned to our blog if you want to know more 😉

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  1. Wow, I believed is a great lesson learnt for the smarties.
    Looking forward for the lapbook!

  2. We went for the preview too! We went slightly earlier and had to entertain the kids with food. Almost felt like we were on a family picnic while waiting for the parade to commence. Nonetheless, we had a great time!

    1. We brought light snacks to munch too! I think I was munching away more than my kids xp

  3. Wow, the place is so huge! But the sad part is no more red lions. It was like one of the highlight. So sad I miss the preview and didn’t manage to get any tickets.

    1. Yeah, it’s kinda sad, I guess also because we were so used to watching it every year. Any new differences we encountered, we will tend to miss the old one…

  4. shubhadabhide

    Kids love attending these events. They get to learn more about their country and fireworks? awesome…

  5. National day parades always hold a special place in my heart. I remember playing a part as a cheerleader in 1997. Hahah. When my J gets older, i would definitely want him to experience the parade too! Great pics with meimei! Hehe

    1. Haha, thanks Meen C! She hated it when I tried to take wefie more than 2 times.
      Yes, being part of it was a totally different experience and it was really awesome! I took part in it before too…till date, I still remember how it felt.

  6. New stadium, new experience and mood.
    Glad the kids and family enjoy the National “performance” 🙂

    cheers, Andy

  7. Excellent! I’ve always believed that parents should role model patriotism to their kids. It’s such an understated value. It nurtures loyalty and loyalty can transcend not only during national events but can grow into loyalty towards family, friends and the community. Thanks for sharing.

    However this year’s NDP, sadly I feel is exclusive for those within the national stadium with its dearth of external showcases like the Red Lions, Air force etc…the rest of us that didn’t get to watch it, were devoid of anything that could stir our emotions save for the fireworks at the end. That made NDP 2016 more like a indoor concert with fireworks. National Day should be for all to experience at the emotive level and not just thru the screen which unfortunately most of us would be.

  8. Geraldine Guo

    Seems like the kids had a blast! Love the fireworks! Hope I can bring mine some day 🙂

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