Our first canvas art project

I admit! I have a fetish for white art canvases, and with a little crafting love, they can always be turned into a sweet little project for children — and a pretty piece of home decor for mama like ME.  I love how the canvas paintings look hanging on the wall!

Last week, the kids got their chance to paint on canvases. When the teacher took out the canvases telling them that this week’s project is on canvases instead of drawing on paper, they were delighted because it’s their first time working on canvases.

They listened attentively while instructions were given…

…then started drawing their pictures on canvases.
IMG_3006-1 IMG_3010-1

Once the drawing were completed. Colouring will be the next. We’re not using water colour this time round and the kids had a bit to adjust as the techniques/methods used were different from water colours.

Unlike painting on paper. Canvases need to be beautified on all the edges too.

Tadaaa!!! Their final products finally out from the oven! I just can’t help falling in love with it.
IMG_3116-1 copy-1

So that was our painting session for this week…

Have your kids tried painting on canvases? Do you feel like they work on them differently than when they paint on paper? If you haven’t tried on canvases yet maybe you can start now. Is really fun and can definitely end up as a masterpiece on the wall.

Ok, I better go now. Can’t wait to have their art paintings to adorn the walls in the house! *Woot!*

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