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Our letter Xx week

This week, on our homeschooling journey, we are learning about letter Xx. Frankly speaking, I find this a difficult alphabet as it is not frequently used and the words that start with this letter are either super long or super difficult to pronounce. Don’t you agree?

If you play the word game, there are actually 370 words that start with the letter x and some of them are repeated words such as x-ray, x-ray photography, x-ray machine, etc. Not sure if you noticed, some children’s worksheets are even using words ending with x (e.g. fox) instead of starting with x because words starting with x and for children to really understand are very very very limited.

This time round, we did some activities before we proceeded on to writing. She hates writing by the way. So I have to entice her and make her excited before “tricking” her into writing.

Smash the X!
Our first activity was smashing the Xx! She was delighted when she saw what I have prepared. Yeah, now you know she loves to smash….
Letter X smashing activity

Check out her cheeky look before she starts her work…
Preparing to smash letter X

Oh yeah…she’s happily smashing away but she didn’t forget is only for letter Xx. Kudos for the alertness and focus.
Smashing begins!

Craft time!
What’s one of the word that start with the letter x? That’s right, x-ray. Over here, we did a craft related to x-ray. Actually to mimic the look of the x-ray. Items can be easily found in your own home.

What we need are:
– kitchen paper towel
– white glue
– black paint/watercolour
– paint brush

Firstly, take a 2 piece kitchen paper tower and draw your child’s little hand on one side of it.
Hand on paper towelletterxtheme4-1

Use the white glue to “draw” out the bones. Let him/her feels their own hand and have a sense of how their bones will look like on the x-ray. A great way to learn about the sense of touch as well…
Adding glue

Fold over the other piece of the kitchen paper towel, in other words, stick the 2 pieces together.
Fold it

Now, paint the whole thing black!
Paint it black

Once you are done, you can see your hand x-ray emerged. Isn’t that amazing?
X-ray hand

Lastly, we are making a drama here with the “real” x-ray. We pretend to be the doctors with Mr Skeleton. Oh.. if you do not know him, you may check out our blog Learning about skeleton.

Mei mei was pretending to check out her body with my x-ray frame. She understands that it won’t show her bones within but she had fun playing with it.

Next, we invited our friendly Mr Skeleton as our patience and taking x-rays of him. Mei mei had an enjoyable time posing with him…
with Mr X-ray 1

with Mr X-ray 2

with Mr X-ray 3

and I had an amusing time watching the way she posed and played with the props. She definitely had a fantastic time. She hasn’t forgotten to be the doctor, though, she still remembers her job. Now is time for a checkup.
with Mr X-ray 4

After all the fun is back to writing. No, she did not reject doing her worksheets. In fact, she was in a high mood while working on it. We had a great time learning together.

Now is time to write! We have printable worksheets to enhance their understanding of letter Xx. Click on the image below and download the worksheets for kids!

Learning is fun for us and we hope it does for you too!

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  1. OMG the glue resist craft was amazing! I didn’t expect it to “glow” like that. Definitely something that I can use when I teach my kids in the future!

  2. Very creative! Especially the hand painting, kids must be amazed at the outcome!

    cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy! I’m amazed too…before that I was worried how it will turn out though…haha

  3. Wow, the activities look fun and unique. I admired the effort you put in to make learning fun for your kids. =)

  4. Shub

    I simply loved the activities. How interesting!! Kids would love it for sure.

  5. Wow.. I always admire how creative you are with the kids activities! The glowing x-ray looks amazing.

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