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Our little adventure at Forest Adventure!

Have you been to the Forest Adventure located amidst the lush greenery of Bedok Reservoir Park? It’s actually a tree top adventure course for both adults and kids starting from 5 years old (or at least 1.1m in height) where you get really active, sporty and sweaty. It consists of 2 courses where 1 is for adults and another for kids. So not to worry about being too simple for adults or too difficult for the kids. The courses consist of ladders, nets, swings, bridges, trapeze and zip lines (also known as “Flying Fox”).

Is it dangerous? I would say they designed the course with your safety in mind, so is actually not that dangerous if you follow their rules and regulations (unless you want do so something funny). Before you actually get started, you will be “dressed up” in their safety system, helmet, harness and being briefed on their safety rules.

Today, my boy and his buddy came for the 2nd round of their adventure. They were disappointed at first as it was raining when we were about to start.  But patience is a virtue. The kids patiently waited for the rain to stop and were later given the green light to go. They jumped with joy. They were super excited. As for me? I’m waiting to see what’s next…

Surprisingly, my boy went ahead to the stairs right after he put on his safety equipment and waited for his buddy. He just went straight up the stairs together with his buddy behind him without looking back at all. I’m in awe of him. Really!
first climb

The kids reached the top of the stairs and he started shouting to me:”Hey mom, look at me!” I gave him a thumb’s up!

They started their adventure and it was pretty cool to see him trying to complete each stage of the obstacles. But before I know it, he started panicking and teared a bit when he reached the part where there are strings and nets. There wasn’t any  stable planks or logs or whatsoever to keep him still and he literally freaked out with the “shaky ground”. Daddy went to his rescue, his buddy went to his rescue, everyone else cheering him on from below. He wanted to give up but he can’t. He wept while he continued to overcome the rest of the obstacles very slowly but surely. His buddy actually went on a second round and he offered to stay in front of my boy to show him how he did it without fear and gave him lots and lots of moral support and confidence.

Finally when they reached the zip line, the fear in him just disappeared. He happily waited for his turn to “fly” across the small area and back to the base camp. Although this is our second time here, my boy still couldn’t go through the obstacles all by himself. Guess we will be back again to slowly toughen up my little man’s confidence. 😉

Didn’t manage to take much pictures as I was video recording his every movements instead. From the video you can see he’s a little shaken at some of the obstacles but nonetheless I am very proud of him to complete the whole course with everyone’s encouragement. Don’t give up my boy! We will always be there to support you 🙂

Here’s our video on his adventure. Enjoy!

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