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Our little arty flower pot

I really love Vincent Van Gogh’s art. It is really useful for teaching the children about art. Today’s art lesson is about Van Gogh Inspired Paper Sunflowers. The focus is on painting a colorful background, making a symmetrical vase and drawing,tracing,cutting a collection of flowers. I love this art as it is rich in art techniques but also allows for an abundance of creative expression.

These are the materials we have prepared for the lesson. As you can see the materials are really simple and can be found in most homes.

Next, we start drawing out the flower pot. I know… you saw someone using a pen instead of a pencil right? My kids insisted on using pen instead of a pencil to draw.

This is actually a kindergarten project but, for me, I usually have my 2 kids do the same thing together without neglecting the other one. I helped my girl drew a nice little flower pot while explaining to her about symmetry and she added the stems of the flowers.

Once, they are done drawing out the pots and stems, they started to cut out the flowers and petals. I drew them some petals and flowers on a patterned paper and they started cutting following the lines, pasted them on their drawings and colouring begins.
IMG_9585-1 IMG_9584-1

The children focusing fully on getting their painting done nicely and properly. I do not restrict their own ways of decorating their flowers or drawings. They are free to choose what designs and what colours unless they need help then I’ll give some suggestions.
IMG_9597-1 IMG_9598-1

After painting the leaves and petals, my children painted their vase and added shadows and hi-lights. For a final flourish, they can opt to outline their drawing lines with black or white paint or not at all. I left that decision up to them. As you can see in their final products, who outlined the drawing and who’s not.

Aren’t they all beautiful and unique? (Although it don’t look like sunflowers anymore…)
IMG_9603-1 IMG_9604-1

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