Our little humble "roadshow"

Last weekend we had a fantastic Teachers’ Day celebration with many teachers at Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Kindergarten. It was a Teachers’ Day Celebration event held by AECES and Preschool Market.

We had our first little booth at the school introducing our materials to the teachers too! It was a great experience for both the adults and the kids. Yes, my kids were there to help me too. It was an excellent chance for the kids to learn about responsibility and taking ownership of what they were tasked. Sounds strict? Nah, it was a great fun for them, although they were lost many times.

Before the actual event, the kids were tasked to make a game box for the teachers to play. We drew a huge flower with a little hole in the centre and the kids were to decorate and colour it beautifully.
game box1 game box2

On the actual day, they were tasked to help out setting the table.
table setup

Tadaa!! Here’s our final results. We had a great help from our friends as well who were with us throughout the event.
humble smarties booth

The response was amazing!
smarties booth

So what do our kids do when we were busy? They went to plant a pot! The theme of the event is “Plant-a-pot” and so the kids were enjoying themselves learning about gardening and planting a pot for themselves to bring it home to grow. These are what they did at the event and they felt really satisfied and happy with it.
plant a pot

The event went through smoothly and at the end of the day, the kids get to play at the school’s playground. A little reward for the little ones.
smarties at playground

We hope the teachers had a great day at the event and not forgetting, Happy Teachers’ Day to all teachers out there! Not forgetting the parents too. You are the teacher to your child, Happy Teachers’ Day to all parents!
happy teachers day

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