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Our very first pop-up cafe adventure at Craftholic

Occasionally we do look for cute and fun places to eat. The other reason is I want to feel like a child again. Being a mom, acting like a big adult all the time is really tiring, you know… >_<

So over the weekend, smarties and daddy granted me my wish by bringing me to a pop-up cafe located at School of the Arts (SOTA). It really feels good when your kids granting you a wish once in a while. If you do not already know, Craftholic is a series of huggable and stylish plush cushions designed by the Japanese designer, Ikuko Yamamoto. Their plushies are uberly soft and cute!

Here we were at the entrance, queueing for our table.

While the adults were queueing, smarties were out there entertaining themselves.

The staff who brought us in was really friendly and gave us a table that looked like a little house. While walking in, we saw several plushies being used to brighten up the little cafe.

We ordered our food…

then we headed to their little store within the cafe to check out their merchandise. Their stuffs are really adorable and nicely displayed. Smarties were busy checking out the products while oh-ing and wah-ing all the way. Yes, is cute but they know they won’t be getting it because these are just a want, not a need.

Not forgetting, we came here for the food not shopping. So focus, focus…

Our food came and here’s what we ordered. By the way, their presentation is sooooo lovely that we couldn’t bear to eat it!

1. Garlic Aioli Roast Chicken Sandwich. It’s really tasty and filling.

2. Prawn Curry. The curry is really mild, even smarties can eat it. Mind you, they are very scared of spicy food. They will choke and puke if they tasted anything spicy, as if it’s poison!

3. The “Singapore flavoured” Pandan Souffle Cheesecake. This was really appetizing. The texture is really soft with added lightness of pandan and cheese. You don’t feel “ge lat” after eating it.

4. Smarties get to order their drinks and it was refreshing.

You can definitely tell if the food is good by looking at the kids’ expression when they eat.

Before we leave, we had a final shot with their pop-up decoration in the cafe.

Tummy filled, my childish dream fulfilled. What’s more can we asked for? Although this does not exactly relate to any learning or parenting but we do learn about
1. self-control (no buying of stuffs that we do not need)
2. showing of empathy (smarties actually wanted to have some other food but knowing that I wanted to be here, they gave up their choice and fulfilled mine).

If you are Craftholic lover or themed-cafe lover, do check this place out. Is really cosy and not too noisy (well, not when we were there, though). Don’t expect a variety of food as their menu is rather limited.

Crafholic Cafe Singapore x Kki Sweets

School of the Arts (SOTA),
1 Zubir Said Drive #02-01
Singapore 227268
Tel: +65 6225 6650
Tues-Sun: 11.30am – 9.30pm
Nearest Station: Dhoby Ghaut

*Craftholic pop-up cafe goes on from now till Nov 13th, 2016

* Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and they do not represent those of people or anyone else. No monetary benefit / compensation is involved.


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    1. Yes, it is! Not only the kids, even adults (who like cute things) also find it very appealing 🙂

  1. Shub

    Looks so cute! SOTA is a place even my daughter wants to visit.

  2. I never knew this is called Craftholic! I think we might have a plush toy somewhere around from someone 😀 The cafe looks really cute though!!

    1. Haha…is tough but have to otherwise you will want to buy the whole shop!

  3. Although I am not a craftholic fan, this place, the food and merchandize is super duper cute! I would definitely consider bringing my little bub to this place just seeing him get excited over these cutie things!

    1. Is good to explore different places with different themes 🙂
      Never know what you get 😉

  4. Seems like a fun and interesting place….right in the heart of the city! Will check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Why so cute one!!! I never knew that there is a craftaholic cafe at SOTA. I must go and check it out!

  6. Looking at the title, I thought you set up the pop up cafe! Haha.. Cute and interesting concept. Thanks for sharing.

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