Project Playroom


✅ Are you a Mum with children of age 4-12 at home?
✅ Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to find activities to do with your children or on their own?
✅ Does your child loses focus and interest quickly?

You’re not alone!! We know how overwhelming it can feel and that’s why we developed a support system you can use when you face challenges teaching your children at home. 

Activities and planner inclusive. You don’t need to be a homeschooler in order to use this ?


Bite-sized practical activities are provided for busy parents in building communication, values and independence in children. The activities can be used by parents in any setting, with children who have ADHD, mood swings and with both introverted and extroverted mindset.

My goal with all of my tips is to provide proven, evidence-based strategies and practical techniques that have an immediate impact with your children and in your life. I want you to have that competitive edge to get things done with your children, both big and small.