Ready, set, go to P1!

For those who has/have kindergartener(s) at home, this year will be the hype about their “promotion”. Their new huge milestone from kindergarten to primary school.

Everyone started writing and reading about getting ready for P1. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really follow through what should be done and what to prepare. With smarties’ grandma recovering from operation and long school holiday kicking in, I was busy like a bee!

How do we prepare for P1 then? 
Once a while, I will remind him that he is going to P1 in the brand new year. He is going to be a big boy, going to big school and carrying a big school bag. In my mind, he will always be my little boy…
Mental preparation: CHECKED!

Whenever we are out and we see any shops selling school bags and school supplies, we will popped over and have a look. Not forgetting shopping for it too. Anything, anywhere that involves school supplies, we will be checking it out together.
School supplies, etc: CHECKED!

The weekend before school starts, gor gor was super anxious and excited at the same time. He checked on his school uniform and packed his own school bag.
School uniform and school bag: PACKED and CHECKED!


Monday came and he quickly put on his uniform, buckled up his bag and put on his school shoes. To tell you the truth, he wasn’t this excited and automated when he was in kindergarten. Guess, he is really grown up now, knowing his responsibility well!

When he reached his school, he was happily waving to me and walked towards the hall without turning back. How do I feel? Although I’m thrilled on his first day of school and seeing him so independent, it also dawned on me that my little boy is no little anymore. He’s a grown up boy now. Just a little…

So how did gor gor fare on the first day of P1? I would say very good! He looked a tad bit tired and he complained that he was super hungry when it was about to “knock off” from school. Generally, he loves his new school and his new life 🙂

Way to go, gor gor!



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