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Review of Learning Tech Program

I have been making my own learning materials for smarties, at the same time, I am always on a constant lookout for other programs/materials that can help in supplementing or enhancing their learning as well. I love to expose smarties to different kinds of learning mediums.

I came across a program called Learning Tech that provides early bilingual program for young children. We got connected with Learning Tech as we both focus on young children and were invited by them to try-out and review some of their materials.

Early Bilingual Program:
This program, as stated, comes in 2 languages: English and Chinese. It is designed to help the child to learn both languages at the same time in a fun way. It even comes with a reading pen that reads and sings so that the child will know how to pronounce each word correctly. The books provided to us were really colorful.

One of the books come in the comic style which makes it more welcoming for children who get turned off easily by words. As you can see, loads of pictures and expressions that entice a child to read.

Smarties tried out the reading pen and, boy, were they fascinated with its effect. When it comes to the song page, the reading pen will become a singing pen and smarties started dancing and singing away together with the singing pen.

When it comes to reading, they will be back focusing on the book. Smarties enjoyed the reading together with the pen. The graphics in the book were really bright and cheery, hence smarties weren’t easily bored with it. They read together with the pen too!

Is really a pleasing moment when you see your own child/children enjoying reading and having fun with it. They don’t even know that they are learning when they are having fun and unknowingly they want to learn more.

If you are interested to know more about Learning Tech Program and would like a preview of their program, you may send them a request at

Learning Tech staff will give you a visit at the comfort of your home and do a free, no-obligation presentation for you. They will explain the types of programs they have and benefits of each.

For more information on the Early Bilingual Program, you may visit their website at

Note: The books and the materials are purely for review purposes. No monetary compensation or benefits involved. The review, opinions and pictures provided here are strictly personal and cannot be reproduced in any format without prior permission. Thank you!




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