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Review: Walking with Dinosaurs – The LIVE Experience

Give me a ROAR if you love dinosaurs!

Do you know that the dinosaurs were a diverse group of reptiles? Although active research is still ongoing, dinosaurs were said to first appear during the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago.

Smarties love dinosaurs and when we heard about WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Live Experience (based on the award-winning BBC television series of the same name) coming to Singapore, we quickly grabbed the chance to catch it. We were all thrilled as we got to watch the greatest pre-historic creatures right before our eyes.

The 1-hour 40-minute show started with the palaeontologist (a scientist who studies the fossilized remains of all kinds of organisms), Huxley, narrating the fictional story bringing us back into the prehistoric time from the Triassic period, to Jurrasic to late-Jurrasic then Cretaceous while taking us through various landscapes where forests catch fire and volcanoes erupt. Also not to miss out the lives of the 18 LIFE-SIZE dinosaurs!

Some of the dinosaurs include:
– Ankylosaurus
– Brachiosaurus
– T-Rex
– Velociraptor
– Stegosaurus

Mind you, when the dinosaurs appeared, we were exhilarated! They looked so real from their scale of size down to the colours and their skin texture. You can really tell that the team has all their research done very carefully.

The way they walk, the way they roar and watching them fighting for survival were all so real. I would think without the storyline, just by watching them moving around and roaring, already amazed all of us. We couldn’t peel our eyes off the stage!

The show is not all about the seriousness. There was some humour injected along the way and it really tickled us and made the audiences laughed. Baby T-Rex was so playful. You will fall in love with it the moment it appeared.

In conclusion, we love how the whole show was being presented and felt like attending geology lessons out of the classroom.

PS: We even had a roaring good shot with Ian Waller too! Woohoo!!

Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience is a must watch especially for dinosaurs lovers. It is a show where you can feed your eyes with the astounding visuals and your ears with their power roar. We had a roaring good time throughout the show and we believe you will feel the same too!

To get your tickets, head over to

EVENT DATE29 August – 8 September 2019
EVENT TIMEVarious Timings
Approx. 1 hour 40 mins (including 20 mins interval)
VENUESingapore Indoor Stadium

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