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Road trip to Koref Resort

You read it right! December has been superbly busy for the little smarties and the mommy but it is filled with lots of fun and exciting activities! There were lots of playdates, holiday programs, taking part in kids “marathon” and many more. Kids love it but poor mommy feels like a personal assistant to the little big bosses by helping them with the time and daily management, scheduling of playdates and other activities and correspondence *sweat*…

Finally the day that I, the mommy, and not forgetting the kids, have been looking forward to has arrived! A day which the kids can go for exploration and the mommy can rest and relax (supposedly…let’s see…): our 3 days 2 nights stay at Koref Resort.

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (Koref) is the first and only Certified Organic Rice Farm in Malaysia which provides ‘free & easy’ and ‘packaged’ eco farm stays.
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Once we arrived, we were greeted by friendly “counter” staffs and led us to our room. Noticed the wooden planks, that’s how we need to get to our floating chalet. After we settled down, it started pouring!! But that’s ok, as we came prepared! We have water guns to keep us busy. The kids were initially playing water guns in the shelter but slowly they went to play in the rain instead. Anyway, they were already wet, so yeah, we allowed them to play water guns in the rain and the kids love it!

The rain stopped and they were getting tired from all the running and chasing. We took a walk, exploring the area. We found a water obstacle course and started taking the challenge. It’s not going to be easy as the surface is all slippery from the rain. While one is “undertaking the challenge”, the other is enjoying chasing after chickens. 😀
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Finally, we settled down at the mini beach with the little ones enjoying sand and water.

The next day, we woke up early and greeted by a friendly tour guide. He took us around and explaining what they have at the resort and what we can do around the area. The resort is really big. The kids had a fun and educational tour too! They get to feed the animals, see how the fruit trees grow, exploring rice padi field, etc….

Oh, we get to row on boats or bamboo raft on our own too! Sorry no picture for this as I was trying to hold my little one to prevent her from falling into the water! Beside walking across the wooden planks over the lake to our floating chalets, we have been rowing the bamboo raft to get back there instead. An interesting experience for everyone!


After the tour, we went to get some animals food and started “hunting” for animals. Not for food but to feed them 🙂
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On our last day at the resort, we followed the staffs around feeding more animals with their food. The kids love it especially feeding the rabbits. To my surprise, they even carried the rabbits and hug it like a soft toy! >_<
(Don’t worry, no animals were harmed.)

During our stay here, we were always well fed by the resort with all the delicious home cooked food. Before we depart, we were greeted with a sumptuous lunch too! Look at this!

We really enjoyed our stay at the Koref Resort. Nice air, nice food, nice staffs… Thank you Koref Resort for the nice and memorable stay! 🙂

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