Santa Claus is coming to town!

Oh yes! Christmas is coming and Santa is visiting us soon! My kids can’t wait to hang up their big red santa socks for Santa to fill it up with presents, not forgetting their favourite of having lots Christmas parties and playdates. Every year, without fail, the kids will request to set up and decorate the Christmas tree with Christmas music keeping them company throughout. 🙂

School holiday has started, but we haven’t stop having fun with our learning. We are having loads of Christmas crafts, holiday baking and learning activities too! (Yes, school break for the kids but not really a break for the mummy huh!) Don’t worry, we’ll share our fun 😉

My toddler has been having fun with her little gingerbread man shape sorter and Santa sorting. The fun pack has been her travelling companion for the past few days. She loves learning about the shapes and sizes. We count the sides of the different shapes in English and Chinese, and I will hide the shapes in a basket full of other toys so that she gets to search for the correct shapes to match her little gingerbread man. Isn’t it fun?
IMG_9444-1 IMG_9445-1

Here’s about learning different sizes. I explained to her in both English and Chinese too. It may look simple but she loves assigning the correct present to the correct Santa. 😉

The next thing she loves to play and learn is decorating and counting the ornaments on the Christmas tree. We started off with me decorating the tree while she counts and pick the correct numbered present to be “placed” under the tree. Next, my turn to “place” a present under the tree and she decorates the tree.
IMG_9455-1 IMG_9451-1

There are more activities we haven’t have the chance to update yet. Do stay tuned for more! 😉

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