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Science crafts with letter C

Yes, you read it right. People have MineCrafts, we have ScienceCrafts! Actually is just a science experiment and a craft that we did to enhance the learning of letter C. In my previous blog, we have learnt about the letter C (“C makes the /k/ sound“). In order to know and understand better about the letter C, we have created a cloud experiment and cupcake craft for that.

1. Cupcake craft
C is for cupcake. Mei mei loves cupcakes, in actual fact she loves the cream on the cupcake. This time round, she gets to decorate but can’t eat it. I drew the shape of the cupcake and she followed the lines and cut. Then she glued it on a big piece of drawing paper.

When that’s done, she started decorating it. This craft is pretty simple but she loves working on it and had great fun beautifying her cupcakes.

I dotted the word Cupcake on the paper and she traced it.

Taa-daa!! Her final product. Simple and fun craft for letter C! You can see her decoration is simple as well.

2. Cloud experiment
In actual fact, this is a rain cloud experiment where we pour the “rain” into the “cloud”. What you need:
– transparent container
– shaving cream
– food colouring
The smarties were really excited about this and couldn’t wait to get started. We started putting the shaving cream into the container half filled with water.

I demonstrated by adding a drop of colour on top of the shaving cream while the smarties observed what went on. What it really happened is that the colour made its way through the “cloud” and then dropped into the clear water below the shaving cream that represented the cloud.

The smarties started exploring themselves by adding droplets of colours to it too while I further explained that the water droplets and ice crystals continue to collect in a cloud. The cloud have collected so much that they become too heavy to float on the air (when they keep dropping coloured water into the shaving cream) then the water droplets fall to the earth as rain.

They couldn’t stop adding more colours to it and watched how the water falls to the bottom of the container.

At the end of the experiment, the “cloud” has became such a beauty that we eventually used it for art.

Smarties began painting on the drawing paper to make wrapping paper 🙂

What an awesome day with crafts and science! Oops I meant ScienceCrafts!

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  1. Cool idea, combining science and crafts. Love the cloud experiment!

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