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Science experiment on which solids dissolve in water

Both smarties love science. Especially the brother who loves reading all things about science. He loves reading Young Scientists and he will share what he learns with us and his little sister.

In order to allow him to apply  and to understand better what he learns, we do experiment in real life. Today, we did an experiment on what solids dissolve in water. It’s a very simple  experiment using simple tools but it can get the kids really fascinated.

Here’s what you need:
– mini funnel with a stand
– 3 small cups
– a stirrer
– sand, salt (powdered form and crystallised form), sugar, coffee powder (whatever substances you can find that can be used)

As we are only using plastic cup, therefore we only tested with tap water. We started the test by pouring the first pack of substance into the 2 cups provided.

Gor gor stirred one of the cups while the other one left unstirred. Then he observed the substance in the 2 cups.

Next, he poured the contents into the funnel and watched the flow of the liquid.

There were some undissolved particles left in the funnel and he tried to “break” it into smaller pieces so that it will be able to go through.

He wrote down his observations on his book and proceeded on to the next substance/solid.

The experiment was fun and engaging. Mei mei saw how her brother “played” with it and she wanted to get involved too! Here she is stirring and ….


The science bit of this experiment, the smarties get to learn:
– which solid is soluble (dissolve in water) and which is not
– how fast does it dissolve when they stir it
– how the size of the grain affects the speed at which it dissolve

On top of that:
– for younger children, they get to enhance their motor skills by stirring and pouring
– for older children, they get to practice on their writing skills

Go on and get experimenting!

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  1. tenderfootmom

    Great experiment…my little girl always wants to join in with her older brother as well! x

    1. Young Smarties

      Thanks!! Now you can let her join in with this simple experiment 🙂

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