Sensory bin – fussy poms poms and buttons

My kids love to play, well…which kid doesn’t? Play is part of their learning. Recently I have bought a lot of crafts materials for the kids. Before I could think of any crafts for them, I poured the fussy poms poms and buttons into a bin/box to make a sensory bin for them to play with. They were super excited seeing the bin full of poms poms and buttons.


They quickly went over to their kitchen play area and picked up all the cooking tools, ran over to the bin and started scooping and pouring the poms poms and buttons. We had a few games with the sensory bin too! They were told to sort out the sizes, the colours and, later on, picking out hard buttons and soft poms poms into different containers. They had loads of fun playing with it. The sensory bin was really colourful with all the bright colours poms poms and buttons.


Seeing them playing happily, I head off to prepare their lunch. But it got a little strange when the quietness lasted too long. Hence, I popped over to their room to have a look.


Taaa daaa!!! That’s what I found! A huge mess with all the fussy poms poms and buttons all over the place. Did I scold them? Nope! They just need to clean up the mess after that and they did once they are done playing. A messy room isn’t totally bad. Why? Because to me, they are just thinking out of the box or using their imagination to play in their own way. What they have to do is to make sure the mess is cleared once they are done with it 🙂

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