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Space lap book

It’s a brand new week! Time really flies!! Remember the latest topic we had was about Space? After we have completed the worksheets, my boy wanted to make a lap book on his own! He loves making lap book since his first try on  the Insect Lap book we made previously.

He told me how he wanted his lap book to looks like and chose the pictures that he wanted. It may looked simple but is really an achievement for him to finish up the lap book all by himself!

Anyone can make a lap book. Purpose of the lap book is to help reinforce ideas your kids are learning. It is just like doing a project but on a much smaller scale. Since starting on the lap books, I have been loving it because my kids seem to remember lapbook activities better than just listening to read alouds or filling in worksheets. 😉

Here he is working on it…

working on space lap book

Here’s the front page of this lap book and its contents.

space lap book front page









Space lap book contents



























If you are interested in making lap books or joining us for a session. Do message us! We can arrange for a session for the kids 🙂 Have a good week ahead!

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