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Spread the Love from A Better Florist

Do you know flowers bring happiness? Whenever a person receives a flower or bouquet of flowers, it will always bring a smile to the person’s face. Research has also been done to show that flowers elevate a person’s mood. You may read more about research article: Flower Power where the researchers Jeannette Haviland-Jones and husband Terry McGuire explain why flowers may be potent mood elevators.

Honestly speaking, I have not received flowers since I’m married. Am I still happy? I thought I am until the day when A Better Florist gave me a surprise by sending me a really bright and cheery bouquet of sunflowers with white roses. Boy, am I happy when I opened the door and seeing someone holding a bouquet of flowers smiling brightly at me. It felt like falling in love again! I was actually coaching smarties on their homework and my pressure was building up till the flowers came and the pressure went down. The flowers have actually created a positive connection between me and the children. Guess what? Smarties, surprisingly, behaved well after seeing the flowers too and of course curious as to who sent it to me. I gave them a white lie: my mysterious boyfriend.

Mei mei was more excited than me and she just couldn’t keep her hands off the flowers. She looked, she touched, she smelled, just like how a little girl would do and that was really sweet and natural.

While she’s exploring the flowers, we also noticed the tag that comes with them. It was very thoughtful of them to provide a simple and straightforward guide to teach you how to take care of the gorgeous blooms and to keep them longer.

Even more so when we saw this tag about spreading the love to children with special needs! Smarties read this and couldn’t wait. They requested for pictures to be taken, share them out so that they could spread the love with other children too. It was really compassionate of them and I’m really glad.

It really touches me that A Better Florist is doing such a great job spreading joy and love to everyone especially for the children and their flowers are so awesomely fresh and bright. Really love the bouquet we received. Not forgetting to be able to do our part to spread the love too!

If you want to play your part in spreading the love or to get more details, do check out A Better Florist website.

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