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Sun, sand and sea… Phuket, here we come! (Finale)

Do you ever realised that beginning and during the holiday/trip, your adrenaline pumped a lot of the time? But when it comes to the last day, suddenly, you feel a little low or even depressed. Why? Because you are going back to reality. Adults have to go back to work and kids going back to schools.

Yes, this is the last day of our trip in Phuket. In order to make ourselves feel better. We, adults, are taking turn to go for a nice, relaxing massage while the kids enjoyed a splashing good time in the pool. After the massage and swimming, we went back to our resort for a short break before checking out.

After settling our check out process, we headed to Jungceylon for our lunch and a little shopping time. Jungceylon is a shopping mall that is smacked right in the middle of bustling Patong town. It is walking distance from Patong beach, and of course from our resort. Although is a short walk but we were perspiring profusely. Yes and I mean profusely like tap water! The weather was scorching hot! By the time we reached the mall, we were desperately looking for an air conditioned cafe to settle down. Sounds pampered huh?

After our lunch, we had a little walk and found a shop selling very nicely made souvenirs. It has a mini exhibition hall of sea shells too!

We were all mesmerised by the beautiful collections of different types of sea shells in the hall and not forgetting a huge pile of it as well. Look at that! At a glance, I thought it was a pile of skeletons. Oops… think I need to go for an eye check.

Look at how it is beautifully decorated.

Soon, it is time to head to the airport. While waiting to board, the kids were asking for ice cream. I guess this trip is the only time that they get to eat ice cream almost everyday, even before flying back home!

While waiting to board and the kids busy with their cool treats, it gave me time to reflect on what my children had learned from this trip. They got to experience the nature, the culture, the people and the food of Phuket. They made new friends during the trip. The memories of what we have experienced become more real than when we read about it.

I hope the kids savoured and appreciate the joy, the laughter, the sun, the sand, the sea, the freedom, the adventure and the connections that we had during the trip because I do. 🙂

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