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Sun, sand and sea… Phuket, here we come! (Part 3)

What did we do on the third day of our trip in Phuket? No more island hopping though, so we went to explore Phuket Town. We wanted to show our kids how people in Phuket live and soaked into their culture. The trip to Phuket Town was really worth it. It was really an eye opener (also “stomach” opener) for all of us.

We took a tuk tuk to our destination. It was a hot but windy ride. We dropped next to their wet market. Oh by the way, we didn’t have any breakfast before we headed out as we wanted to try their authentic local food in Phuket Town. So the minute we reached we were famished and in search of food!

There were a number of road side stalls outside the wet market and we grabbed some food there. Don’t underestimate the food from these road side stalls. It was really delicious! Yumsss…
IMG_2519-1 IMG_2523-1

Next, we proceed to the Phuket Thai Hua Museum on Krabi Road. It was actually a Chinese school renovated and became a museum with exhibition space and occasional function hall. I would say this is one of the best looking and well-maintained Sino-Portuguese buildings in Phuket.

See how classic their tickets look!

The Thai Hua Museum features a charming inner courtyard. There are many interesting exhibition rooms and short films in Thai and Chinese with English subtitles on both floors of the museum.

Overall, the Museum does well in explaining Phuket’s history through many different angles with explanations, as well as its local cuisine. Oohh, the look of the food made us hungry again!
IMG_2551-1 IMG_2552-1

After the museum, we went in search for food again! Because it was lunch time. We went around exploring for places to eat again. Along the way, we found a shop selling all the stuffs that attracted our attention and we went in to take a look. They have really nice tingkat containers here. Look at the colours. Sweet isn’t it?

Finally, we found a place that looked like their hawker. It’s a huge space with many small stalls. We checked out their menu and ordered some food.

After lunch, we headed to the place that we promised our kids. The Phuket Upside Down House! It is officially called Baan Teelanka as this is how it translates in Thai and is one of the latest an most surprising attraction in Phuket. When you see it, you won’t missed it as the whole house is upside down!

Everything in the house is upside down as well and we had to cracked our head on how to take nice pictures upside down too!

There’s a maze right behind the upside down house which you can play too. No, the maze is not upside down though. Be warned! There are a lot of mosquitoes in there and all of us got “kissed” by the mosquitoes. No one was spared even when we all had our insect repellent thickly applied!
20150621_153728 copy-1

Check out their cafe. The interior decoration is upside down as well.
20150621_155950-1 20150621_160012-1

Almost evening and is time to visit their weekend night market which opens at 5pm. We took a taxi this time round and head off. The place looked like Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. We allowed ourselves a few hours to see the markets & enjoy the variety of food available. The different food stalls provide an overwhelming choice. They have everything from light snacks through to full meals & desserts.

Most of the food is freshly prepared & cooked. We tried a variety of food and all were very yummy. Look at what we ate. All these for only slightly over 200 baht!

With our stomach filled and energy recharged. We continued shopping again. Check this out at one of the stalls. Cool huh! They made use of recycled materials to make this. How creative is that?

It was getting late and we grabbed a taxi back to our resort. The kids were totally burnt out, so were we.

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  1. Sun n Sand vacation destinations are always preferred by our family too. The beaches, the sun and the fun where entire family can enjoy.

  2. I don’t think we have done ANYTHING touristy in Phuket at all, so this post would come in handy when we do go back! 😀

  3. Phuket is a beautiful place and reading review of this hotel seems that it is quite popular and preferred by the parents.

    1. Yes, quite a recommended place to stay. The pool definitely a plus when travelling with kids 🙂

  4. The Upside Down house seems interesting (and giggy), would like to try it when we visit Phuket.

    cheers, Andy

    1. Yes, really interesting. That’s the time when I see my kids love posing for pictures because they find it amusing.

  5. Bumble Bee Mum

    You got me with the Iron Man at the end! I love unexpected finds like these!

  6. Singaporeans love phuket! We do too, cos it’s so near Sgp. These days we prefer the quieter parts of Mai Khao, 10 mins from the Phuket airport than Patong, which can be a bit too crowded for us.

    1. Oh yes… heard of Mai Khao and my cousin recommended that place to me too! Would try that out if we heading for beaches,sand and sun 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. We missed all those on our last visit! Another reason to go back soon, perhaps. 😉

  8. Haven’t been to Phuket before. It seems to an interesting place for family to travel.

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