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Taking homeschooling to Hong Kong! Part 1

Who said homeschooling can only happen at home or near home? We are taking homeschooling overseas. That’s right, we are taking it to Hong Kong!

As the smarties get older, I have given them the responsibilities to pack their own luggage. Each of them have their own trunki to be responsible for. The smarties were really excited over this trip and they packed loads of “what they want” into their cute little luggage. Not surprisingly, as it turned out, this is the way they take care of their luggage: siting on it and having us to pull them along. (Did my plan backfired?)
smarties on luggage

Right before we checked in, we saw some really nice display with the use of cardboard. It was set up to celebrate the nation’s SG50 birthday and we managed to take some photos before heading to our gate.
cardboard deco1
Changi Airport’s Control Tower

cardboard deco2
Kallang Airport Control Tower

Right next to the cardboard exhibits was a wall full of luggage cases.  It is displayed in a way of a ferris wheel representing Singapore Flyer with greetings attached on it. This idea is totally cool!
cardboard deco3

Time to board the plane and the first thing the smarties did was to grab the controller and start playing games! Look as if they are deprived of games.
smarties play game

Very soon the food was being served first to the smarties. It looked so delicious! After the food, they still get to eat ice-cream too! Enjoyment!
smarties food 2 smarties food1

When we arrived in Hong Kong, we waited for the bus to get to our apartment. No fussing and no running around. So here they are stuck with us in the queue. Once we were on the bus, they noticed the difference. “Mummy, why this bus has luggage compartment while Singapore bus doesn’t have?”, asked the smarties. Along the way, they noticed the taxis are all in red while Singapore taxis are mostly in blue. Great awareness and observation, kiddos! Keep it up! But poor mummy and daddy have to keep answering their questions non stop throughout the journey…..
smarties q for bus

After checking in and settled our luggages, we headed for dinner. The food was good and the smarties gobbled up everything without me nagging over them to eat. Look at the food! Pictures tell all!
wanton mee porridge

Gor gor saw the glass bottled drink and got interested to try and so we ordered a bottle. He even wanted to bring it home but got rejected.

With a full satisfied tummy, we headed back to our apartment for a good night rest.

Stay tuned on what we did the next day of the homeschooling trip. 😉

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