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Taking homeschooling to Hong Kong -> Zhu Hai! Part 2

Second day of our trip, we have actually planned to go Ocean Park but after some thoughts we changed our plan and headed to Zhu Hai (珠海) instead. For those who do not know what and where is Zhu Hai: it is a modern city in China’s southern Guangdong province. The name of this city means Pearl Sea because it is located where the Pearl River flows into the South Sea. It’s also on the border with Macau hence, we went through Macau to reach Zhu Hai.

Before we headed out for our adventure, let’s have a sumptuous breakfast. We went to Kam Wah cafe which is located near our apartment, at Mong Kok, for our breakkie. Check out what we eat! These are the famous HK breakfast that one have to eat when you are there! It’s so yummy!!
HK breakkie1
HK breakkie2
HK breakkie3

We had our fill and off we go to the harbour to board our boat to Macau then to Zhu Hai. Along the way, smarties observed lots of lifestyle differences between Singaporeans and Hong Kongers. Even though is a weekday late morning, the place is crowded even on the MTR and on the streets! The smarties noticed that the people who do delivery will have their goods lay out on the road just like this. They were wondering and worried at the same time for the traffic, the people and the goods. Do you get this see this in Singapore? Maybe but very rarely I suppose, as most goods are being unloaded at the unloading bay in the mall’s not on the road.

Walking further they found a flight of stairs with really nice paintings on it and they requested to have a picture taken. The smarties asked: “Mummy, can we add our drawing to the stairs too?” Of course NOT!
nice stairs

Because we went through Macau to reach Zhu Hai, therefore we went passed many customs and the smarties noticed the customs officers were all in different types of uniforms. Though in the queue again and again, thank goodness, they didn’t complain or cause any commotion but behave properly throughout the journey. Nope, we don’t have any busy bags or anything else to entertain them. They have to entertain themselves!

By the time we reached Zhu Hai, it was already afternoon. We couldn’t do much so we just had a little shopping at the mall at the Gongbei Underground Market, which is now officially known as Gongbei Port Shopping Plaza. Smarties were fascinated with all the toy shops in there!
transformers kids

When we came out of the market, we saw a huge empty area where people gather around. The next thing we saw is a building with super shiny window panes shining brightly at us. That building really stand out!
zhu hai1

Here’s how big the area is when we looked back at the Gongbei Port.
zhu hai 3

While waiting to cross the road, smarties saw a lady holding a flag to guide the pedestrians. Can you spot the lady with the flag? They were curious why the lady needs to stand there when there is a traffic light. I do not know too. Do you?
zhu hai 4

By the time we reached Hong Kong, it was dinner time. We headed to a cosy little shop to have our dinner. The roasted meat was finger licking good!
HK dinner1
HK dinner2

It can even bounce (doin doin)! Sorry forgot to take video to show how bouncy it is as we were too hungry!
HK dinner 3

Gobbled up and off we go, back to the apartment for a good night rest. Do stay tuned for the next “episode” while we grabbed some rest!

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