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Previously I have blogged about An experience at IExperience where we took part in a guided tour session (A day in the Smart City). This time round, during the 1 week school holiday, we took part again but is a different workshop. It is called I am a Tech Explorer.
I am a tech explorer

We joined the Junior Tech Explorer group and the programmes include tech explorer’s activities and junior robotic workshop. The programme started off with an introduction and explaining what Smart Nation services is about. Children were given a handout where both the parents and kids will have to perform the tasks listed and earn a stamp for each task completed. The activities were pretty interesting and it allowed the parents and child to work together. I would say is a very good bonding programme and at the same time making us aware of how Smart Nation services can benefit us in our daily lives.
tech explorer activity

There was a wefie challenge. To tell you the truth, I have never taken so many wefie at 1 time in my life till this challenge! But it was really fun running around with my boy searching for answers and taking wefie with it in order to earn a stamp. Once we have completed, we went for our lunch. (Oops, sorry no pictures of our wefie because after the running, my hair is all over my face! You’ll be too scared to read on after looking at the picture.)
tech explorer handout

After our lunch, we continued on with the robotic workshops. The room was set up nicely before we arrived.
robotic set up robotic setup 1

The kids were extremely fascinated with robots sitting on the table. Before they get to play with it, a short lesson was conducted with the kids seated on the floor.
robotic lesson 2 robotic lesson1

After the lesson, the children will get to try it out on their robots (practical lesson). Tasks were given and the children will have to make adjustments to the program and test it out on the white table in front of the room.
robotic practical

At the end of the programme, every child was given a certificate with their name on it and a goodie bag to take home.
happy tech explorer

My boy is definitely a happy Tech Explorer here!

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