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Things we learn at the fire station

Last week we made a trip to the fire station. Apart from seeing the fire trucks, putting on the helmet and touching the hoses, there was a lot of other useful information we get to take home with. The firefighters guide who were there to assist on educating us were really helpful. They explained in great details and answered any questions that we raised to them.

We started off with their daily operations procedures. Understanding how they assign fire fighting vehicles and fire fighters to the reported location.

Do you know that the person who’s in charge of this system on that day will have to work for 24hrs? Not 8 hrs like you do in the office or in school but 24!  Salute!

After knowing what their “office job” is like, we proceeded on to the equipment corner. They have a table displaying the equipments that they use during emergency call. They had a quick demonstration on how it is being used too.

Next was the dress up station. Not the kind of fancy dress up you do in school or at home. The fire fighter demonstrated how they will put on their suit within 1 minute when they receive an emergency call. We timed him and he really got it done within a minute! Can you imagine fighting fire in this thick suit? Salute again!!

Before we headed off to play with water, we were introduced to the different types of fire fighting vehicles in the station. Too bad the red rhino was out for a mission.

Not this rhino…

This rhino…

But we got to take pictures with the fire fighter truck. Not bad!

What the smarties had been waiting for: water play! Gor gor was really excited when he got the chance to work with the big hose and shooting at nothing in front of him. The fire fighter even demonstrated how to operate the nozzle effectively and efficiently.

This poor little mei mei backed out at the very last minute as she got scared by the strong gushed of water. She rather stand back and watch gor gor do the job. Look at her “cringed” expression.

Last but not least, we headed to the area where there’s a pole at a corner. What’s the pole used for? Not for pole dancing, of course! Is for the fire fighters to quickly descend to the ground floor faster than by using a standard staircase when they hear the alarm. They have a funny name for one of the stunts they did and is called “satay”. This term is being used when they got jammed up at the pole.

While we were about to leave, we saw one of the fire fighters performing checks on the equipments in the truck. Look at the number of hoses in there!

We definitely had a fruitful trip to the fire station. If you haven’t been to one yet, do make a trip down to any of the fire stations near you. Below are the details.

Fire Station Open house:
Every Saturday from 9.00 am to 11.00 am is Fire Station Open House (except for Jurong Island Fire Station).

All you have to do is just walk in and learn more about SCDF. If you have more than 10 members walking in, do try to book online for a visit.


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