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Toyish: Prima Ballerina Review + Discount Code

Toys are children’s best friends but finding a toy that is fun and engaging can be difficult. Being a parent, I don’t want to want to buy a toy just for the sake of buying. I love toys that not only allow the child to create and build, it also helps them to learn as well. Smarties were being sponsored a toy by Preschool Market for a review and let’s see what we discovered from it.

Toyish is a play studio that makes toys to spark imagination in children. In the past, toys will just be toys. Now, toys are more than just toys. Children like to create, innovate and be in control, hence Toyish came up with toys that allow a child to do that. One of the products we’ve gotten for this review is the Prima Ballerina. Smarties were really excited and couldn’t wait to go ahead with the unboxing. So here you see how the “raw” toy looks like where it includes a play book, stickers and different parts of the ballerina which the child needs to assemble.

Alrighty, we had some team work here where gor gor assigned mei mei to do the colouring of the skirt. Mei mei was pretty excited and started flipping through the play book to select the design of the skirt for her ballerina while gor gor busied himself with removing the parts from the bags and figuring out how to fix it (his favourite activity).

At different time intervals, gor gor will check on his sister on how she had progressed.

Once the colouring was done, mei mei headed out for a short break. As you can tell from here, this little lady isn’t into technical kinds of stuff. Luckily, the big brother was able to help out with it. So what else did mei mei did? She added some stickers to decorate further and finally, her ballerina was completed! She was so happy with it and started turning it non stop and making stories, not forgeting singing to it as well.

Smarties did a great job working together on this toy and Toyish did an awesome job of allowing the children to customised their toys in different ways by changing its dress. If we can further customised its hairstyles or hair bands will be even more fun and we hope to have more stickers too! The toy is easy to assemble and it took gor gor a few minutes to get it all done. We love the pieces as they are made with quality and is kid safe.

The downside of this is that if your child is not into colouring, you (the parent) may end up doing the colouring instead. At least, there are some stickers available for your child to decorate the ballerina.

Toyish: Prima Ballerina is available online at  Preschool Market Place and all our readers will get 25% off by using the code “youngsmarties“. This would definitely make a great gift for the little ones!

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