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Toyish: My Racer Product Review + Discount Code

Most of you have read about our previous review on Prima Ballerina from Toyish. If you have not, you may read about it by clicking on this blog link: Toyish: Prima Ballerina Review + Discount Code.

Now we are about to review the toy from Toyish as well but this time around is a racing car instead of a dancing ballerina. Children who love 4 wheels will love this toy. The day smarties received this,  especially gor gor,  couldn’t wait to open it up. So here we are displaying the items after removing it from the box following their unboxing session and here you see someone getting caught redhanded for trying to take away the items.
Young Smarties Toyish My Racer Review

Without futher ado, gor gor straight away headed for the play book, picked out his favourite design for the car and started colouring while mei mei busied herself with removing the items from the bag.
Young Smarties Product Review - Colouring

Gor gor being a very detailed person was fully engrossed in his colouring every inch of the paper. Mei mei, on the other hand, waiting patiently for him to finish up.
Young Smarties Product Review - waiting1

She entertained herself by making funny faces…

and you can see here how long she’s been waiting that she almost fell asleep. LOL!!
Young Smarties Product Review - sleepy

After a looooong time, with his detailed-ness and her patient, the mini-project was completed! Oops, forgot to take pictures of him assembling the toy because mummy fell asleep while waiting. Their loud “hooray” woke me up and I managed to take this final shot of them before they headed to their play area to play with their new toys.
Young Smarties Product Review - completed!

To conclude, the racing car is slightly more difficult to assemble and it took longer for gor gor to get it done as there are more parts involved. He enjoyed the time spent on colouring and looking forward to piecing everything together to see how the final product looks like. If your child is a maker, he/she will love this toy.

Mei mei being the more dramatic little one, started creating her own drama that involves her ballerina and gor gor’s racing car. I could hear them laughing away while doing their pretend-play in the play area.

The downside of this is, you can’t change the figurine in the racing car but smarties have been squeezing in other figurines of their own into the car. Another thing is your child must not hate colouring otherwise you may use the stickers provided to decorate his/her little racing car.

As for me, as a parent, I love this toy because it allows the child to learn how to focus, figure out and assemble something out of it. It allows room for creativity as well. Best of all, I can do my housework while he was busy working on colouring different designs in his play book and changing the designs of his racing car.

Look no further, this toy is available online at  Preschool Market Place and all our readers will get 25% off by using the code “youngsmarties“. Is a great gift for the little ones for this holiday season!


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