Transport transport, here we go!

It’s the last week of May in the year of 2014. We are reaching mid year! What have we been doing this last week of May? Well, we are learning about transport! Whenever we are out and about, we always point out and tell the kids what the type of transports are. They will always take note of the transport around them too. It’s not difficult to teach them about cars, motorcycles, airplanes, etc, hence it is easy to get them engaged on transport related activities. What’s more, you can always see different types of land transport whenever you are out. Trying to teach them air transport? You can always bring them to the airport and there’s so much fun and things to do in our famous Changi Airport.

My toddler had great fun with the transport themed activities. Especially the one with the missing tyres! She enthusiastically matched the correct tyres with the right shape for each car. She loves these hands-on activities.
toddler pack

Best of all, her favourite do-a-dot!
transport do-a-dot

As for my preschooler, the worksheets are more of written exercises with brainteasers. This time round we have all the 3 subjects covered: English, Chinese and Maths. Making the learning fun really makes wonder. Don’t you agree?
preschool pack
preschool chinese

That’s all for now. Transport transport, here we go! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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