Holiday for Charity

Travel with Smarties

Smarties and family love travelling. A great time to have quality family bonding time and also to learn about the world.

On top of that, smarties also get to broaden their horizon and see how people live their lives. They get to learn more from by seeing through another’s perspective. They get to build their capabilities for compassion and empathy as well. 

Follow us on our travelling journey and discover amazing findings together. 

Holiday for Charity

Want to do something good while on a holiday? 

Giving back is something we do regularly and we are in collaboration with Eco-Logic Thailand where you get to holiday and donate to an honest, small-scale charity that is visible to them by enjoying an off the beaten track holiday in the middle of nature. 

Eco-Logic is a wonderful family destination. Kids can join in daily free activities. For the parents there is exploring too: do a wellness treatment, try some yoga, relax or get active with some great family-friendly activities.

We believe giving back is the right thing to do. It creates goodness for our soul and we believe it can create goodness for you too.

The Best Experience Ever