Under the sea…with fishes mainly…

This week’s art lesson’s theme is Fish! But when kid’s imagination is involved, it becomes a sea instead because my boy wanted to add a bit more to his under water world.

Today we started with the introduction of fishes. Teacher Huiyi showed the kids what types of fishes there are, what features they have and what colours they have on them. The kids got really excited just by observing and describing the fishes shown on the laptop.

Before they start, teacher poured out a bag of fishes for them to select which fish they want to draw. The kids had a hard time selecting as they wanted to add all the fishes into the picture. As mentioned previously, my boy wanted a bit more than fishes so he added a lobster in his little project. They began by tracing the little fishes on their blank paper.

While my boy is busy with his tracing, teacher taught the little girl how to draw a big fish on her paper.

Over here, they started adding features for their little friends under the sea. My boy added some companions for his little sea animals like sea weeds, pebbles, etc. Once the drawing is done, they began adding “colour clothes”.

As you know a 3 years old focus time span is pretty short, so instead of colouring like her brother, teacher introduced her to finger painting. She had great fun doing that. Bet you can tell from her cheeky face from the picture below.

The kids got to dry their paintings with a hair dryer. It’s done? That’s it? So fast? Not yet, we haven’t reached the fun part yet.

What’s fun about it?
Adding of bubbles for the fishes and lobster.

Tapping of the brushes!

The kids eagerly and enthusiastically tapping the brushes non stop. They were really generous with the bubbles. Not only do they give it to their little painting, they also gave it to the table as well. (~_~;)
20150427_180750-1 20150427_180738-1

Finally, the art work is done! Isn’t it pretty?
20150427_184317-1 20150427_184323-1

Here’s our little video showing the process of the day’s lesson. Sit back and enjoy (with nice relaxing music)!

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