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Unschooling: Road trip to Gopeng (Part 2)

We have heard a lot about the nice food in Gopeng so the next day, everyone woke up real early as we couldn’t wait to get out of bed for a nice and yummy breakfast. So what’s for our breakfast? It was none other than the famous Gopeng rice noodle. Smarties were hoping to see them making fresh noodle at the stall but too bad we were a little late and they had completed their noodle-making process. While waiting for the noodles being prepared, smarties went around the area to explore. They noticed the buildings were really old. To them, it was historical. To me, it was too…

Surprisingly, we spotted one of the buildings have wall mural on it and smarties quickly posed for a picture. We love wall murals as each of these artworks are uniquely painted and decorated directly on a wall or architectural elements and it harmoniously incorporated into the environment and scene.

After our yummy breakfast, we had a short walk over to the Gopeng Heritage House. Along the way, we saw a truck full of chickens on it. We were trying to take a picture of them, guess Gopeng’s chickens are shy creatures. The moment they saw my camera, they turned their back to me. Smarties were initially excited to see so many chickens on the truck and curious why they were all being caged but the moment they knew where they will be sent to, they got really sad.

We arrived at the Gopeng Hertiage House and the moment we stepped in, we felt like we have travelled back to the past.

Smarties spotted a corner with an object that looked like a black rock and wondered why it was there. It was the Prosperity Black Gold (Tin Ore Lode). They were trying to lift it up but it was really heavy. Wonder why the tin ore was being displayed here? In the past, tin mining industry was once a major contributor to the Malaysian economy and the area that has the most tin deposits found was Gopeng. Now you know why this is here…

Smarties couldn’t believe what they saw when they went further into the house. They’ve never really seen all of these antiques till today. They were asking loads of questions for every items they saw, especially the iron! They were trying to lift it up but couldn’t do it. It was way too heavy for them even without the coal. Can you imagine how our grandparents or even great grandparents do ironing in the past?

At the barber shop, we were all re-enacting how people in the past did their haircut. There were even equipments for us to explore with. That was their grandaunt demonstrating how hair cut was being done during their time. Disclaimer: no children or children’s hair are harmed at this baber shop. 
ys_roadtrip15-1 ys_roadtrip16-1

After the barber shop, grandpa demonstrated how to make ice-kacang without ice! After a few try, smarties complained it’s too tiring. See how pampered our lives are nowadays as compared to the past.

We completed 1st storey and we moved on to the 2nd story of the house. Smarties discovered big CDs! Ahem…that’s not CDs, that’s a record and that’s the gramaphone. This was how people listen to music. Now, we don’t even see much of CDs as most of us download music from the internet. The power of techonology and improvements to our lives.

On the 2nd storey, it consisted mainly of living areas which have been decorated and filled with priceless furnishings that reflected what life would have been like for a middle-class family at the turn of the 20th century in Gopeng. That’s mei mei pretending to be putting on makeup in front of the dressing table. Oops and that’s me in my zebra dressing.

Smarties disovered very very old phones with dial and daddy was demonstrating how to use it…

and “calculator”, also known as abacus.

Not only smarties had an interesting and educational time at the Heritage House, the adults were enjoying their time reminiscing about their old times as well. After the tour, smarties were able to appreciate what they have now after learning and experiencing how people in the past survived with those equipments. To them, the worst part is:”What? No ipad?”.

After the indoor exploration, it’s time for the outdoor. Wonder where we go next? Do stay tuned…


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