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Unschooling: Road Trip to KL Rabbit Fun Land (Finale)

Before going back home, smarties requested to go to a place where there are animals and nature. So here we are at the Rabbit Fun Land! Rabbit Fun Land is the largest rabbit farm in Malaysia and it has been established for more than 20 years with total numbers of 30,000 rabbits, breed from different countries. Smarties were really excited and couldn’t wait to see the animals, unfortunately, it was drizzling quite a bit and we had to wait for the rain to stop before we can proceed.

Looking out from our waiting area was a lush green garden and there, we spotted a caged monkey and a rabbit hut.

Smarties couldn’t wait any longer and decided to hold the umbrella and started to explore the place. They found that they could actually just cross over the low gate and without further ado, they went straight in!

Luckily, the rabbit’s hut has a big shelter. Smarties had a great time interacting, feeding and playing with them.

The rabbits were really friendly and hungry too. Once they saw us bringing out the carrots, they quickly hopped towards us. Smarties spent a great deal of time learning about rabbits here. They noticed that some of them bonded with us really well and when they were happy, they would hop gleefully around us.
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Some of them even allowed us to carry and hug them. We found one of the rabbits with a missing leg and mei mei just couldn’t let that rabbit out of sight. She kept on petting, feeding and giving as much love to it as possible.

Time was really well spent at the rabbit hut as smarties were full of joy playing with them while learning about them. Rain has finally stopped and we moved on to find other animals. Sadly most of the animals were being caged or locked up due to the rain to keep them sheltered as we were told.

At the other side of the fun land, there are horses, donkeys and deer. We couldn’t get really near to the horses and donkeys so we just looked from a far. There was even a short introduction at the side for people to learn a little bit more about them.

Next was the deer area. There were many types of deer in different “cages”. We managed to feed the deer as we could stand right beside them and they looked pretty hungry too. They were even fighting with each other for space to get to the carrots.

There are over 100 different sub species of deer in the world and they live in all locations except for Antarctica because it is way too cold for them when they don’t have that much fur on their bodies. Do you know that male deer are called bucks and female deer are called does? Now you know. Psst… male deer also fight for female deer just like human. ys_klroadtrip12_2-1

After saying hi to all animals and feeding them, it was time for ice-cream and…

to enjoy some exercises at the suspended bridge.

Directly opposite the Rabbit Fun Land is a chilli plantation. We went over for a visit. It was just nice that they were harvesting the chillies and smarties got to see how the chillies were planted and harvested.

Smarties even had some fun posing with the chillies. If you are wondering whether they like hot and spicy food, they do not. Anything hot and spicy, they will shun far far away. After the visit to the chilli plantation, smarties had the urge to grow chillies at home too! We shall see as we have limited space now due to our baby basil, lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

It started to drizzle again and we have to make a move. Although the weather wasn’t good that day, we enjoyed the time spent feeding and playing with the rabbits at the Rabbit Fun Land and the chilli plantation. But we were not very happy with the small cages that the animals were being locked in. Hope it is temporary and not long term though.

That marked our final roadtrip of December 2016. We hope you have enjoyed our road tripping blog and learn something too! It’s always good to bring children out and learn out of the classroom because
– learning becomes more interactive and engaging
– children feel more connected
– it nuture their creativity and imagination
– it reduces behavioural problems and improve attention
– it makes them more aware of their environment and surroundings

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